Chris Corning on Fire


Chris Corning wins New Zealand Winter Games

Chris Corning we're so proud of you!
Chris has been riding for Never Summer since he was 8 years old. When he was little we had to make custom boards just for him because he couldn't fit our smallest production boards.
Nicest, most respectful kid you'll ever meet. Never seen Chris 'big time' anyone. Always has time for the young(er) kids that look up to him.
Do yourself and/or your children a favor...attend one of the Never Summer sessions at Woodward Copper or Woodward Tahoe and meet Chris. Watching him work with others is even more amazing than watching him snowboard.
Take notice X-Games, Snowboarder Magazine, Snowboard Magazine,TransWorld SNOWboarding... Chris is as good for snowboarding as snowboarding is for Chris.
Job well done Chris Corning.
Job well done Brook Corning.
Job well done Laura Corning.
Never Summer is proud to be a member of YOUR family.